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Customised Cartoons.

".........what a great idea!"

Recently, a customer came across my website looking for a unique novel gift that she could give to a work colleague who was soon to retire. She was handling the works collection and thought “A Custom Cartoon! What a great idea?” She contacted me and we discussed ideas that could be included within the artwork. A sketch was produced and sent around the workplace where many of her colleagues were eager to suggest a few additional funny items. Collectively, it all added up to a treasured keepsake that would remind their colleague of the great working relationship built up over the years, for a long time to come.
Custom Cartoon Ideas and Guidelines 
If you have had a collection in your workplace and would like to find out how a beautiful watercolour cartoon can be produced for your workmate, just give me a call.
I use quality materials and artists colours that won’t fade with time.
My cartoons are really easy to commission and I will guide you through the whole process from rough sketch to finished colour artwork.
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