Newsletter Cartoons

Newsletter cartoons for your printed or online newsletter communications.


Are you looking for a newsletter cartoon to brighten up your publication?
My Newsletter Cartoons offer a light humourous slant to any story subject. The cartoon's development is created with your requirements in mind from start to finish. This includes - Character/s, Storyline and Punchline as well as the Artwork.


rome birthday

'Understanding Italy' Newsletter cartoon



What Cartoons can I produce for you?
I produce single panel gag cartoons as well as 3-framed strips. I can work in black & white or colour. All my cartoons are produced from sketches that you approve, before I move on to produce the final image. Costs can be as low as £40.00 per cartoon. I cover a very wide range of subjects to include Construction, Training, Statistics, Finance and Stock Market, as well as general subjects. I have produced a range of educational images for safety newsletter cartoons.

construction Recruitment Newsletter Cartoon

College Recruitment Newsletter Cartoon


Will you be required to commit to a series of cartoons?
If you've never commissioned a cartoon before, I'm happy to produce a one-off cartoon or a small series to see how they bed into your newsletter. Often I work on a single-commission basis but I am always happy to negotiate a discounted deal on a series of cartoons.

I can create a series cartoon strip for your readers. A great way to put across a concept or introduce a company product in a fun but informative way.

My cartoon scripts are written in a way so as not to demean the product in any way, but to put across the factual content and add a humorous slant.

Expanded PolyStyrene Group Newsletter cartoon

All ideas are sketched out first and sent to you the editor for approval. Your feedback is of course crucial to the final piece and so I would always welcome and encourage further ideas to enhance the initial idea. The final artwork is then produced in the file format of your choice - .PNG, .PSD, .PDF or the ever popular .JPG

Contact me today, I'm happy to help.