Let’s get going with your Customised Cartoon

You may already have a rough idea of what you want featured in your customised cartoon and this will no doubt include the person that will be receiving the cartoon. So what else shall we add to the cartoon? Take a look at the following bullet points. Hopefully these may prompt some ideas that you may like to add:

  • funny habits
  • typical clothing
  • hairstyles
  • hobbies
  • funny saying/catchphrase
  • favourite items

For a complete guidance sheet – CLICK HERE

I have been producing funny customised cartoon creations for my customers for many years. Do you need some assistance? CONTACT me on the tab above and I will be happy to guide you through the whole process of creating your perfect gift cartoon from start to finish.


Personal birthday gift

Working from Photographs.

If you have some good photos, send them along.  But before you do, please let me offer you some pointers. Sounds crazy I know, but please select only the photos that look like your subject – remember, you know what they look like, but I can only go by what you send me. 

The best choice of photos are ones that show as much facial detail as possible – avoid face-on shots. Avoid hats, sunglasses, dark shadowy photos, tiny images, heavy sunlit photos where your subject is squinting.

Please click here Cartoon Commission Guidance Sheet to download a quick guide of best shots to consider.

Hope it helps!

Initial customised cartoon sketches

Cartoon sketch

Sketch #1

Once I’ve received your photos and commission details, I can make a start to produce one or two rough sketch images. At this stage, this is where all the rough layout design work takes place. I use the best of your ideas (if not all of them) to produce this first rough drawing/s.

If any changes need to take place, it’s at this stage where it happens.

Sketch #2

In this follow up sketch some alterations have taken place, been approved and ready to move onto the final artwork stage (above)

Customised cartoon sketch

A Happy Customer every time.

See how happy he is to receive his very own ‘Landers’ original cartoon artwork!

Custom cartoons make a fantastic gift for anybody celebrating their birthday, getting married, retiring from work, getting promotion or just moving on.

Please contact me today to see how my cartoons can be used to give a unique gift.

Customised cartoon

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