Statistics Cartoons

Statistics Cartoons created by Cartoonist John Landers

As a statistician, you will be looking to shed light and find answers to important questions through the use of statistics. So, if you need Statistics Cartoons to accompany your statistical research, what are the chances of doing a Google search and finding what you are looking for?

Well, if you’ve come here via Google today, you’ve found it!

I have created scores of Statistics Cartoons for the statistics industry. My main output can be found within the pages of the statistics based educational website but can also be found within the pages of the ‘Yates, Moore and Starnes Educational Text book – The Practice of Statistics.

If you wish to use any of my cartoons posted within the site for educational purposes, there is a special provision for you with little to no cost.

Please contact Dennis Pearl at to find out more.


My Statistical cartoons are available for commercial purposes too. Book Illustration, posters, presentations and so on. Just CONTACT ME with your specific requirments and I will be pleased to let you know how my statistic cartoons can hep you.

Of course, if you wish to illustrate your presentation, publication with a specific idea – let me illustrate it for you. My commission fees are very competitive, so please contact me for a quote and I will be pleased to try and help you where I can.