Funny Cartoons

Funny Cartoons and Gag Strip Cartoons.

A large stock of funny cartoons available for your publication, newsletter or web page. I have a large selection of Landers Gag Cartoons and Cartoon Strips ready and available to be used within your publication.

3 panel cartoon strip

3 panel cartoon strip

Magazine Based Publications.

Are you an editor of a newspaper, magazine or journal? Do you produce your own In-house magazine for staff or clients? Do you produce a monthly newsletter to promote your product or to communicate to staff within your large organisation? Are you looking for a single panel cartoon or a strip cartoon based around a fictional character within your industry? I have created many characters and three panel comic strips for companies and organisations. Take a look at my sample pages to see how cartoon characters can be developed and carry an industry message that directly relates to your readers.

christmas funny picture

Christmas card funny cartoon

Character Development.

I can work with you to develop and focus a cartoon character that can purvey your message to your readership. All cartoons and cartoon strips are drafted out for the editor’s approval before producing the final cartoon artwork. All characters are fully researched. The humour relates to your industry, so when something funny happens within my cartoons, your industry laughs!

Funny Cartoons

Logo Cartoon Character Design

Cartoons to match your publication’s budget.

Prices for my cartoon service are very competitive and realistic. I would be happy to discuss your publication’s needs. Please contact me.

College Recruitment Newsletter Cartoon

College Recruitment Newsletter Cartoon

Cartoon Calendars.

For some years I produced cartoons for the builder’s products ‘Keyline’ Calendar. I am happy to offer this service to your company. Please contact me to find out how I can produce a set of seasonal cartoon images that will put a smile on the faces of your customers. See the link for examples.

Cartoon Illustrations for books.

I produce one-off book cover cartoons and also general gag illustration to fill you book pages. Contact me to discuss a special discount on a multiple cartoon order.

speed dating funny cartoons

Published in New Humanist Magazine

Cartoons for Specialist Industries.

I have produced a very large series of ‘Statistics’ based cartoons. These images are available for licence. There is also a very special arrangement for educational establishments who wish to use these cartoons for teaching purposes. Please contact me for further details.


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