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Business Cartoons for Company Promotions.

Cartoon communication

Business Cartoons give great visual impact to advertisements, newsletters, advertising promotions and in house publications. ‘See the drawing, Read the caption, Absorb the Ad’.

I create cartoons for vehicles, murals and posters. Also, smaller items like flyers, leaflets and yellow pages ads.
I have produced cartoon artwork for various HR personnel projects which include staff handbooks, Health & Safety posters and booklets, staff communication and Corporate Animations. Contact me for details of examples of my work.

I have produced colour cartoon artwork for ‘Large Company’ Calendars. Contact me to request Calendar samples.

I am available to hire for a demonstration of my business cartoons for corporate functions and live presentations. My Cartoons can give your meetings and presentations great impact. I am available for creating cartoon ideas for Corporate Visualisation ‘Blue Sky Thinking’ presentations. Click for more detail.

Does your company offer a service or sell products at exhibitions? Can your company’s presence at events be enhanced by having a live cartoonist, caricaturing your visitors?

Health & Safety Cartoon
Cartoons have great visual impact for advertisments too.
Are you running a campaign soon?  Contact me for more information on how my cartoons can help your campaign achieve maximum impact.

I create Cartoons for Vehicles, Murals, Posters, as well as smaller items like flyers, leaflets and yellow pages ads.

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I would be pleased to talk to you about how my Cartoons can help your business on 07914 909740

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Strip Cartoon
Strip Cartoon
Trade Magazine Strip Cartoon
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Contact me to find out how I can make your company’s customers laugh with my Cartoons.